Our vision.

Sustainvr works with conceptual design and architecture from the beginning of projects. Our aim is to uncover possibilities and solutions for creating places for living and working in a green, active, and sustainable environment. We focus on architecture concepts that blend together the best of both worlds: sustainability and modernity. With these two ideas combined, Sustainvr is able to create unforgettable and high-end projects. On a small and a large scale equally. Get to know more about our previous, ongoing, and future projects, as we focus on presenting the most captivating modern architecture.

Selected Projects

About us

Sustainvr is an architectural company founded in 2015 in Sweden. We are an experienced group of architects, who put their main emphasis on sustainability. Having this direction in our minds, we create one-of-a-kind places that perfectly fit the landscape for you to pass, stay, or live in. Each day we make every effort to develop sophisticated solutions for modern urban spaces. Creating new innovative things out of the ordinary or evolving existing spaces into new and unforgettable concepts. Our team of experts puts a lot of emphasis on the highest quality in Scandinavian architecture. Take a stroll around the projects we have already finished to know more about what inspires us in our daily work.