This project is a unique gateway to the way we imagine what workplaces of the future should look like. This project can be identified by its one-of-a-kind approach to office spaces and their surroundings. The main idea behind this concept is a gathering place for those who want to work at a modern, socially enabling and sustainable place.

This high-end office building complex is located in Boländerna, Uppsala. This projectis not another regular meeting place for office workers and business professionals. With this concept, we strived to create a space to sustain development, progress and spark their creative imagination.

In other words, Boländerna is where science, culture, and entrepreneurship come together to create an outstanding outcome. All these factors are what shape modern companies and let them take another step into the future, which is already happening now. With the establishment of such a unique working environment, a business can lay the foundation for future welfare. All of that with a more sustainable planet in mind.

The whole complex provides a perfect insight into how modern, creative, and network-based office buildings work. With this project, our team intends to bring forth the force that exists in those who desire to actualize themselves and their ideas.

Creativity and productivity in one location –such an astonishing combination is what makes our vision so perspective. We emphasize the need of building an attractive working atmosphere that exudes sustainability in all its forms. These include the following ideas of greenery, materials, socialization, and digitalization.

At Sustainvr, our team believes that all people, regardless of the situation, should be given the same opportunity to accomplish their life goals. Personal and business development becomes a lot more accomplishable when professionals are surrounded by a high-quality environment. Boländerna provides and secures such a setting, becoming a background for many exclusive projects.



Rosendal Fastigheter




Uppsala, Sweden

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