Hockey Arena Uppsala

Hockey Arena with additional services

Physical activity, especially winter sports, is a major factor in the Swedish lifestyle. Taking that into consideration, we have managed to create a unique space for those who enjoy such a way of living. The project named Hockey Arena Uppsala is a one-of-a-kind concept that might bring all local residents closer to skating with sticks and pucks.

Choosing the best location for a sports center is never an easy job to accomplish. With our latest Hockey Arena Uppsala, we believe we have managed to outdo ourselves. Based in Kölen, Uppsala, this area is simply perfect for a modern hockey arena with additional services. This vision embodies a comfortable view of sports.

A carefully chosen and perfectly maintained location is the key to success when it comes to this project. With a new bridge over the river Fyris nearby, the area is easily accessible from both sides of the city. Thus, we can stretch out the importance of the project’s availability to all local residents and visitors.


Hockey Arena Uppsala is not just about hockey. Designing a multi-purpose building was the aim throughout the concept’s inception. Therefore, all interested people will have the possibility to use special conference rooms here. Moreover, we have managed to create enough space to fit 5000 visitors thanks to the garage under the "toboggan" run at hand.

Since the location is so easily accessible, Uppsala residents and guests can come here by public transport or on a bicycle. What is more, being in close proximity to the city center, one might even get there on foot. This concept aims to bring people together in the comfiest way possible.

In addition, the sports center should attract all sports lovers throughout the year. Those who enjoy the outdoors will find enough additional services for the asking. There are no boundaries concerning age, as everybody can enjoy the wonderful local amenities. Most importantly though, the main foci are children and young people.



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Kölen, Uppsala

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