Inspiration Rosendal

349 apartments, gym, service and groceries store

Inspiration Rosendal is an ambitious project designed by Sustainvr in collaboration with CCO Architects, this complex stands out from the crowd in many ways. This is a residential project reimagined.


Located in the area of Rosendal in Uppsala, this multi functional project is is designed for an array of users. That is why it is simply called Inspiration. While the name really speaks for itself. This amazing large residential building can be found in the southern part of the Uppsala.

When creating this project, the architects took care of both the younger and the older residents of the neighborhood. All local inhabitants can take advantage of modern spaces ensuring a greener and more active lifestyle. Having these factors in mind, we have created wider staircases and many sports amenities for the inhabitants’ convenience.


To put it simply, supporting a fit and active life was always at the core of this project. Hence, a six-story fitness with a rooftop basketball court and running course are here for everyone’s comfort. During the winter, skiers can exercise on top of the building, with the highest level of safety guaranteed.

Every cozy apartment has an additional meter to the ceiling. This space may be utilized as an extra living and sleeping area adjacent to the bathroom and entryway. Furthermore, the large larch wood windows are full height, from floor to ceiling, allowing enough natural light into the living room. Every second apartment has a balcony and the others have some additional square meters instead.

On the top level, directly under the running course, all the apartments have big wooden terraces, which provide a fantastic view of the lovely scenery and woodland that surrounds this expansion of southern Uppsala. Breathtaking, spectacular, beautiful, and… inspirational!



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Rosendal, Uppsala

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