Brf Grindstugan


BRF Grindstugan is a wholesome and modern addition to the residential area of Rosendal. With sustainability at hand, this complex resembles all that is best in our futuristic views of architecture. We have managed to create a unique kind of space for all up-to-date families to enjoy living in.


One look at BRF Grindstugan residential complex is enough to understand its uniqueness among the modern buildings in Uppsala,Sweden. This new project is located by the entrance to the Rosendal area, which is the latest extension of the city of Uppsala. The residential area we have designed, stands out from the crowd, being a true embodiment of social sustainability.

When it comes to plan and section, the building is U-shaped to provide the highest level of convenience and comfort. The two opposite standing sections of the structure are eight-story and seven-story high, respectively. In the meantime, the central section stands a bit lower with five stories. Such design supports many opportunities for all residents and their guests.


The central lower section possesses a green and wide terrace on its roof. It can serve its purpose as a wonderful meeting place for all the inhabitants at BRF Grindstugan. Gatherings, BBQs, Yoga and roof parties are among the many ideas on how this terrace can be used.

Apart from this part of the residential-building, this complex provides a wider set of wonderful amenities. Its residents can take advantage of a sauna, winter gardens, and a wine cellar. Moreover, a restaurant and a bakery operate here for the highest convenience of all inhabitants and the surrounding neighbourhood.

What transcribes BRF Grindstugan being so extraordinary, is the fact, that there is a lot of greenery around. The whole courtyard provides perfect green spaces for leisure and recreation. Generous windows and balconies covered with warm wood panels contribute to the house's diverse and appealing façade, both out to the street and into the more private courtyard.



Rosendal Fastigheter




Rosendal, Sweden

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