74 apartments, gym, service, shops and restaurants

When it comes to residential towers, these buildings never fail. As long as they are designed in a beautiful and sensible manner. With our Sågverket concept, there is no need to worry, as we have created an astonishing residential area. Towering above the rest of the neighborhood, these buildings could provide spectacular views of the local landscape and surroundings.

Sågverket is a project that consists of two wooden towers, which are located in the very center of Knivsta. That is correct, they are completely built out of wood as a composition of stapled wooden volumes. Covered with green terraces, these innovative and outstanding buildings speak for themselves.

The residential part of both these towers has been lifted up and placed upon a service area. Downstairs, inhabitants can take advantage of some fine dining places and other services. Having easy access to the most important amenities is, after all, one of the greatest advantages of modern architecture.

Placing the complex between the railway station and the main town square makes the location perfect for all residents. When it comes to the towers themselves, we used different naturally colored wood panels. High larch windows and generous terraces provide more sunlight and comfort to each apartment. The total number of flats is 74 while their sizes range from 27 to 128 meters.

Fantastic views over the beautiful natural surroundings are yet another main factor of the project. Sågverket also provides both indoor and outdoor spaces for socializing with families and friends. Thanks to that, all inhabitants can relax and enjoy themselves any way they prefer.

Fitness and wellness clubs will be located in the center cube, which is entirely made of glass. Service, retail, and dining would take the two lower floors. Even though cars are not needed in such close proximity to the center, we also thought of the motorized. A car park in the basement connected with the rest of the building by an elevator is here to assist you. All of that in one of the two sophisticated residential towers in Knivsta.



Rosendal Fastigheter




Knivsta, Sweden

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