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Modern utility buildings need to provide comfort and security on all levels. With Sustainvr’s Urban Games and Art, we have focused on delivering the most extraordinary complex that supports a wider-angle of useful amenities. Based on the latest fashion and trends in both architecture and technology, the project ensures the experience of all its users.

Urban Games and Art is an innovative concept that is situated in Uppsala, right by the picturesque Fyriså river. This part of town is located in close proximity to the city center, which is a highly popular tourist destination. Hence, there is a need for a modern cultural complex near the downtown area.

With this new building, our team has managed to create a very innovative kind of investment. The main prospect of this projects to supply visitors with multiple features within. By wanting to meet the expectations, we can provide a wide range of useful amenities to both the local residents, their guests, and the city’s visitors.

The purpose of the Urban Games and Art concept is to focus on delivering many astonishing possibilities and opportunities to people. That is why we were able to combine different approaches while designing the interior.

Inside the complex, you will find a food market hall, an interactive museum, and an e-gaming arena. All these modern spaces will be located on the ground floor. Next, we have the upper deck, where more useful and eye-catching elements will be waiting. Here you will find a gym, a restaurant, and a magnificent rooftop bar.

There will even be large openings around the whole building. This is the way we want to signal an incomparable public connection. The best kinds of cultural events can take place here in the beautiful surroundings of Uppsala’s architecture. A one-of-a-kind modern utility experience.



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