Urban Hike & Bike


 Located in the center of the prestigious area of Rosendal in Uppsala, Urban Hike & Bike is a very convenient place. Here all residents can take advantage of the direct connection to Sieghbahns Park, Stadsskogen, and Kronparken. What is more, this project combines innovation, quality, and design with the highest comfort of living.

All these features come together in a unique blend that helps both families and students strive. Sustainable and modern life mixed with cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness. Moreover, a wide list of amenities waiting on site is what we aimed for. This innovative residential concept aims to satisfy the needs of all sophisticated users.

Taking a look at the complex’s name, one might wonder what it stands for. Urban Hike & Bike speaks for itself, as its aim is to improve and encourage possibilities for physical exercise and social connection. Here you will find public patios, a 250-meter-long running track, an outdoor gym, and a yoga spot. All these amenities are located on a spacious roof.

Yet another fantastic advantage of the project is the fact that it supports a wide selection of transportation alternatives. Residents will have access to bicycles and box bikes, public transportation, and even carpooling. Nontechnology and standout solutions pervade practically the whole Urban Hike& Bike.

This project is sure to provide outstanding experiences to everyone. The investment also supports those who enjoy a daily dose of art, just like a modern architectural project should.



Rosendal Fastigheter




Rosendal, Uppsala Sweden

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