Villa Vårdsätra

Private Villa

The Swedish lifestyle is quite often associated with nature. At Villa Vårdsätra we took that matter very seriously, focusing on ways to create a sustainable link between architecture and Mother Nature.

Villa Vårdsätra is located at Vårdsätra and stands on top of a little hill overlooking the surrounding area. This location provides a unique and astonishing view over the northern part of Mälaren. Simply these small features could make anyone fall in love with the project.

Since the house sits on a hill, its block’s construction was designed to fit the local area. Therefore, the building possesses a few different levels to adjust the inside to the hill itself. As far as the interior and room design is concerned, everything has been done according to the owners’ needs.


Designing Villa Vårdsätra, our team of experienced architects put a lot of effort to create something out of the ordinary. The unique combination of nature and technology is what drove us to focus on particular solutions. Each side of the modern building supports the desired outcome.

We have created a well-protected courtyard with a gathering area in front of the kitchen volume in the middle. This was created as a consequence of the family's desire. The owners wanted two separate sections: one for the children and one for the parents.

This private villa has a lot of large windows and external patios that let the residents take advantage of sunlight. All the outdoor elements as well as the construction itself, are based on wooden elements. High-quality Scandinavian woods were used and then organically impregnated. As a result, the project turns out to be a wonderful residential building perfectly integrated with local nature.







Vårdsätra, Sweden

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