Private Summer Residence

The history of Scandinavian nations was always connected with islands. Even today, such parts of land encircled with seawater are desired by many residents. Our project Sandholmen meets the expectations of those who want to live outside of the mainland. A private summer residence on a lovely island brings back memories from classic Swedish literature.

This project was made by Sustainvr in cooperation with CCO Architects. We chose a magnificent island located in Stockholm’s outer archipelago for the most convenience for the residents. There used to be an outdated, decrepit fishing hut here. By retaining parts of the local architecture, we have managed to turn Sandholmen into a unique private summer residence.

We were able to replace the old foundation with this summer house and guest on some of the existing foundations. The idea is to blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors by providing communal spaces with windows and glass doors that open up to the beach, the vista, and the setting sun. In the meantime, the project keeps the bedrooms, baths, and other private spaces out back, closer to the mountain's edge.

 Having a private summer residence on an island is a dream come true. Sandholmen provides unique possibilities and stunning views with a sustainable lifestyle all along. The floor extends out onto huge tiered terraces that descend to the beach, and the roof opens out to enjoy the vista.

One important notion is the enormous trees that were left in front of the home provide shade from the sun and shelter from the windy fall storms. When you leave the house, the enormous wooden shutter doors for the ordinarily reflective glass front are drawn.

In the evening, the house lights up the surroundings like a lantern towards the horizon. This way the residence is able to show the presence of its host. Summing up, this concept combines modern architecture on a traditional island just off the main coast.







Sandholmen, Sweden

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