92 apartments, baker, restaurant

Modern designs in architecture tend to break with tradition and a classicist approach to new buildings. Sustainvr’s Unik is one of the best examples of how these boundaries can be pushed. What we have managed to achieve with this concept is quite radical, to some extremely controversial even. Yet, the idea was to secure the large demand for quality residential areas in Sweden.

Unik is a one-of-a-kind residential area concept based in Uppsala. While working on this project, we wanted to stay focused on creating something completely out of the ordinary. What may seem radical at first glance, gains respect on closer acquaintance. After all, a complete investment would be ready to host 92 families in modern apartments with adjacent restaurants and bakers.

The design here aims to provide outstanding and sophisticated solutions in terms of residential areas. Sustaining both affordable smaller flats as well as spacious apartments makes the interior an astonishing one. Thanks to the different heights of the building, separate rooms can have a different amount of sunlight throughout the day.

 The fact that Unik is such a bold concept transfers to its uniqueness on a global scale. It would not only serve as a residential complex but also sustain classy sports amenities. Located in the middle, they would be belted by the building itself. A soccer pitch on one side and an ice rink on the other – outdoor activities maintained all year long.

Perhaps the most fascinating and courageous effort is to create a green rooftop with an 800 meters track. It could be used by runners in the summer and then by skiers during the winter. The track would go up and down, encircling the whole estate.

The whole body of the Unik project can serve as a self-sustainable neighborhood. With local shops and restaurants on the ground-floor, residents can enjoy a cozy lifestyle. Sheltering the sporting facilities in the middle seems like a natural and organic move. Hence, uniqueness is guaranteed.



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