140 apartments, large grocery store, activity centre and service

With Uppsala being one of the quickest developing cities in Sweden, Thorbjörns Torg ideally managed to go along with the current standards. The main idea behind this project is to recreate an industry-like warehouse building into a contemporary residential complex. 140 high-end apartments, a large grocery store, and even an activity center could come together in one place. The possibilities for both residents and businesspeople are countless.

Renovation of old building spaces is always a risky and demanding challenge for architects. However, turning an industrious warehouse into a residential area is always a fascinating idea.

The aim is to create a rich complex of 140flats with a new grocery store and many contemporary amenities. What is more, there shall be additional apartments or 4-5 levels arranged around a lush courtyard. To maintain the local style, the building's components include brick, white plaster, and wood paneling. All of them are painted in vibrant Scandinavian bright hues to make Thorbjörns Torg an eye-friendly place.

The housing's standard construction system is enhanced with an aviated façade that combines bay windows and balconies. Glass is blended with solid bricks on the bottom floor, which houses businesses and services.

Additionally, the large area in front will be renovated. Today's many parked automobiles will be replaced with areas where people may gather, drink coffee, board a bus, or simply hang out or stroll past. A more secure traffic design will be implemented for the entire outdoor area, upgrading the already-busy pedestrian and cycling lanes and making them more appealing to use.



Rosendal Fastigheter




Uppsala, Sweden

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