Kåbo Trädgård

4 apartments in 2 villas

When it comes to fitting modern architecture beside historic buildings, the task is demanding and challenging. The projectfor Kåbo Trädgård had to comply with the highest standards, taking the best ofboth worlds – the old and the new. As a result, two sophisticated villas work as a kind of extension for an 1886 main house.


Located at Kåbo and in close proximity to the Botanic Gardens of Uppsala, this project is a one-of-a-kind journey down memory lane. It takes us back to the late 1800s, which some may consider the golden era of utility architecture throughout Europe. Kåbo Trädgård is two separate residential buildings – luxury villas adjacent to a historic construction.

We have divided both these villas in two so that we could create four apartments. As a result, four families will find enough living space to enjoy all kinds of activities. Beautifully located houses create an immersing feeling of connection with the past. These modern villas fit the surrounding landscape extraordinarily well.


While working on this project, our team wanted to emphasize the unique bridge between the past and the present. We envisioned a natural extension of the historic building by adding two detached “wings” facing each other and far enough not to disturb the classic architecture nearby. Surrounded by a cozy garden, both villas turned out to be magnificent.

Each of the four luxurious apartments has two large balconies of its own. Moreover, there is a surrounding terrace separated into more or less private sections and overlooking the garden's magnificent green park. Both Kåbo Trädgård villas, like the great ancient oak trees on the lawn, are all coated in an oak wood that will eventually turn silver grey.

The large master bedroom has its own large private balcony built into the bulk of the pointed oak roof. All of the large windows and doors are similarly built of a huge oak but oiled so that the warm hue remains to frame the residents’ interior lives.








Kåbo, Uppsala

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