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We understand the importance of modern office spaces, which should address the need for sustainability. That is why our team of architects has put a lot of effort to create something out of the ordinary. Urban Retreat is a unique project, which focuses on all professionals’ well-being while they make the world better at work.

The unique combination of sophisticated workplaces and well-balanced lifestyles is how we can describe Urban Retreat in a nutshell. After all, the concept was intended to become the greenest office area in the whole of Uppsala. Located in Boländerna, it follows Carl vonLinnés' footsteps with a large lush conservatory.

A wide selection of exotic plant varieties is what makes this place unique. Handpicked, selected with care, and carefully maintained, the flora comes from all corners of the planet. Brought altogether in a modern office building, they create a unique blend that soothes the minds of everyone.


The concept of a wonderful and healthy work-life balance was what our team strived to achieve at Urban Retreat. Sustainvr’s experts aimed to create a breathtaking space where all employee can feel better. Instead of being overwhelmed with ongoing tasks, they can relax using one of the extraordinary amenities here.

There is enough area for people to come together while meeting around food and drinks. Moreover, they can exercise in their favorite activities at the location. A gym, a 200-meter-long jogging track, a juice bar, as well as a café and eateries, were all planned for this location.

The lush winter garden is bordered on each side by two office slings with connected bridge connections. On top of the building, one of Uppsala's coolest roof gardens with a sky bar and a view of Uppsala is envisioned. This wide selection of amenities embodies the ideal modern workplace.




Rosendal Fastigheter




Boländerna, Uppsala

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