Entré Rosendal

250 apartments and service

Who said that modern residential buildings should be small and compact? When it comes to Entré Rosendal, we have quite a different approach to sophisticated blocks of flats. This resulted in the inception of a project for 250 apartments and service premises. Most importantly, the whole concept of a large building fits perfectly into the surrounding area.

Located in Rosendal, which is one of the most modern districts in Uppsala, the complex is surrounded by woods from one of the sides. Naturally, local pine wood was used to sustain the most eco-friendly design of the whole Entré Rosendal project. Hence, you will find wood exclusively in both the building’s framework and cladding.

There is also a green courtyard formed by one L-shaped and one straight structure that comes together to create this residential area. This allows all residents to have unique sights and comfortably use the local wild pine woods. Set beautifully by the local forest, these two state-of-the-art buildings create an extraordinary residential complex.


Entré Rosendal wonderfully combines nature with modern technology. Creating a unique blend of these two worlds laid at the base of the whole concept. The tops of the wooden volumes are shaped to match the heights of the recently constructed homes nearby.

Most stairs culminate at the top with a green-roof terrace. This section has been carved out of the wooden walls for the residents to socialize on. The façade's repeating but the variable structure is made up of largely compact, practical flats. All of those have either a balcony or a bay window.

When it comes to the surrounding spaces, they are just as spectacular. The courtyard's ground and flora are unaffected by the basement used for bike and automobile parking. Thanks to that, we managed to create ideal circumstances for the plants and trees to remain near to the users. The perfect sustainable balance is at hand.



Rosendal Fastigheter




Rosendal, Sweden

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