Gastronomic hall

Gunnar Leche is the brilliant mind behind Köttinspektionen– a beautiful building designed with attention to every detail. This project can serve as a public space, which would work magic as a gastronomic hall. Its unique design takes the best ideas from classic 1800s architecture combined with modern sophisticated innovations. Such a blend results in the most astonishing vision for the city.

One look at Köttinspektionen is enough to get an overall understanding of the idea behind the project. The building, which could be located in Uppsala, Sweden, is unique in its high-quality minimalism. Inspired by neo-classical market halls, it can serve as a time machine to the years long gone. However, modernity and innovation are what distinguish this concept from its historic predecessors.

Very high roofs and large windows are what make this project so outstanding. The whole construction has been planned in such away, so as to ensure the most sunlight inside the building. Thanks to such an idea, only minimum artificial light is required throughout the day to support the business inside.

One of the most extraordinary features of the Köttinspektionen gastronomic hall, is the idea to bring it to a unique location. The notion is to present such a building to a place where no other services like that operate. Therefore, the whole project could do a lot more than support residents with another set of stores. It would positively encourage the local economy to strive under the sign of a modern hall.

What wonderful amenities could all the visitors find inside the gastronomic hall? Let us start with enough space to fit up to 8 culinary restaurants. Local investors could run coffee shops here, or small takeaway joints. Moreover, there would be an area for all sorts of shops to offer a wide range of products.

Outdoor cafes could serve customers by both the eastern and the western exits. With a ceiling height of around 10 meters, many new businesses will strive in such a building. This is a modern utility center remodeled and redesigned for the utmost convenience.







Uppsala, Sweden

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